Zan Wang (王赞)

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Short Bio

Hi, I am Zan Wang, a second-year Ph.D. candidate in the School of Computer Science, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), Beijing. I am currently working in Visual Perception & Human-computer Interaction Lab (PI Lab), advised by Prof. Wei Liang. I have been interning at Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI) from Oct. 2021 to now, under the supervision of vision team leader, Dr. Siyuan Huang. Before beginning my Ph.D. study, I received my B.S. in Internet of Things Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in June 2020.

My research interests lie in the field of Computer Vision, Graphics, and Deep Learning. Currently, I am focusing on the research of human-scene interaction (HSI), goal-oriented motion generation, and 3D representation learning. In addition, I am also interested in hardware system design (e.g., FPGA) and web development.